Brave Notes represent the greatest fears, the most significant triumphs, and the deepest, most sincere ambitions shared by those of us who live with mental illness. We want others to understand where we’ve been, how hard we fought {and continue to fight} to make it through this thing called life, and how desperately we want to change the way the world views mental illness.

We can’t do it alone. This Is My Brave was founded on the concept of sharing personal stories. People who believed in us shared their stories here before we found our inaugural cast. Supporters jumped into our #BraveChat conversations on Twitter because they wanted to be heard. You can join us. You don’t have to get up on stage in front of a live audience to share your story. Our blog is a virtual stage where you are encouraged to add your voice and show the world the power of your brave.

If This Is My Brave has encouraged you to be more open about your journey with mental illness, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your essays, your poems, your songs. Tell us about your recovery journey in your own creative way. Not a complete start-to-finish book, but a peek into your life with mental illness and how it’s affected you. Share with us how you found hope. How you found your brave so that others can find theirs.

We’ll be posting new messages from our tribe each week. Feel free to submit videos if you’d like {a YouTube link is the preferred format for music submissions} or written pieces 750 - 1,000 words. We’d love for you to include a photo or two with your submission, if you’d like. Also please send a 3-5 sentence bio. Send your piece to: or use this form. 

{Please note: we only accept previously unpublished work, with rare exceptions.}

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Raise your voice with us. Be brave. Share your story to inspire change.