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Are you planning a fundraiser, conference, staff training, or other special event? Do you want to inspire your audience with powerful stories about individuals in recovery from mental illness? Announcing our newly-created Speakers Bureau.
Our storytellers will share their journey in an engaging performance, while simultaneously generating a greater understanding of mental health issues, from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder, PTSD and more.

Maria Rose Belding.png

Maria Rose Belding, Washington, DC

Maria Rose is a rising junior at American University in Washington, DC. She is highly recognized as co-founder and executive director of MEANS Database, a nonprofit tech start-up. She speaks frequently regarding living with depression and PTSD. 


SuzyJane Edwards, Napa, CA

SuzyJane Edwards has had an interesting life: ER/Jail Nurse. Air Force Veteran. Single parent. Terribly Chic Transsexual Dancing Queen, Actress and Bon Vivant . These are just a few words to describe her, but the most important words she self applies are happy, fulfilled and healing. She lives in Napa, CA.

Kathleen Frazier.JPG

Kathleen Frazier, New York City

Kathleen advocates for healthy sleep as a basic human right. She continues to recover from PTSD and is completely recovered (one night at a time) from sleepwalking, insomnia and night terrors as symptoms of intergenerational trauma. She lives in NYC. 


Michael Mack_Headshot_6x8_300dpi.jpg

Michael Mack, Boston, MA

Mack has won numerous prizes for his disarming one-person shows that chronicle his mother’s life with, and recovery from, schizophrenia. His other shows explore Mack's own odyssey through depression and PTSD. He lives near Boston.


Julia Robinson Shimizu.JPG

Julia Robinson Shimizu, Los Angeles, CA

Julia Robinson Shimizu serves non-profit organizations in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area and is the author of two books. For This Is My Brave, she shares the experience of caring for a loved one who lives with a serious mental illness.

Rudy Caseres.jpg

Rudy Caseres, Los Angeles, CA

Rudy is an award winning public speaker, writer, and vlogger who shares his story of living with bipolar. His content has been featured on The Mighty, Wear Your Label, The S Word, and HealthyPlace. He is one of The Mighty's Mental Health Heroes of 2017. Rudy lives in Los Angeles.

Betsy Fasbinder.jpg

Betsy Fasbinder, San Francisco, CA

After losing three members of her family to suicide and to manage her own history of abuse, Betsy found writing and sharing her stories to be an invaluable part of her healing process. Betsy lives in Marin County, California with her husband and son.

Joe Fusaro.JPG

Joe Fusaro, New York City

Joseph S. Fusaro credits music, writing, and photography with helping him relieve his psychosis and depression while living with bipolar 1 in his late teens and 20's. Joe lives in Valhalla, NY and travels from Laguardia or JFK airports.

Hillary Marotta.jpg

Hillary Marotta, Hummelstown, PA

Hillary helps reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness by sharing her own stories of lifetime depression and anxiety.  She lives in Hummelstown, PA, with her husband and two girls.  Hillary wants to inspire others to be authentic, kind, and self-care champions of their own.

Sorensen, Joe - Headshot (4).jpg

Joe Sorensen, Cedar Rapid, IA

Joe Sorensen live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where he is a social worker by day and singer-songwriter by nights and weekends. Joe lives with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder and battled anorexia nervosa and derealization disorder in high school and college.

Sinclair Ceasar.JPG

Sinclair Ceasar, Baltimore, MD

Sinclair Ceasar is a higher education administrator in Baltimore, MD. He enjoys helping students live the amazing story they want to live. Sinclair is the host of "I Needed to Hear That", which is an inspirational mental health podcast. 

Lauren Kenney.jpeg

Lauren Kenney, Washington, DC

Since being diagnosed with depression, Lauren has been advocating for mental health and working to end the stigma of mental illness. She is a board member on the National Capital Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and lives in Washington, DC. 


Tonyia Renee, Washington, DC

Speaker, Author, advocate and Mother of two Tonyia Renee shares her struggles with  mental health and bipolar disorder through her spoken word, short stories, blog post articles and poetry. She lives in the Washington D.C. area. 


Erica Williams, Lee's Summit, MO

Erica was diagnosed with depression nearly 13 years after attempting to take her own life. Though she still struggles, she has discovered talking about it has helped her, and found that others understood because of their own struggles. She lives in Lee's Summit, MO. 

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