Thank you for joining our May campaign for Mental Health Month to end the stigma surrounding mental illness -- your support makes a difference!

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans experiences a mental illness in any given year? Because it is so common, we should be comfortable talking about it, but many people are not.

Mental illness does not discriminate, but sometimes people do.

Stigma and shame often prevent people living with mental illness from seeking the support and treatment they so desperately need.

Thanks to you, people with mental illness won’t have to feel alone anymore.

They won’t have to live with the fear, the shame, the stigma. You can empower them and give them hope. With your support, they can share their stories and help others feel brave enough to share their stories, too.

I’ve learned how strong and brave I truly am.
— Phoebe Lisle, This Is My Brave Seneca Valley HS Show - 2015

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You can help end stigma through storytelling.