"I had felt that because I had given up on the world, the world had then given up on me. After years of isolation I had started to accept that being alone was the life that I had chosen and I was to live out the next 40+ years with no hope for the future, no faith in myself, and worst of all, no love. I am still grateful every day that in the summer of 2015 This Is My Brave and I found each other. This Is My Brave and its’ cast members opened me up to a new world where I was not alone. I could relate without fear, anxiety, or judgment. This Is My Brave brought the topic of mental illness to the dinner table, a place that talking about the horrors of my illness once felt shunned. They have opened up so many hearts and minds. I have never felt a better feeling than the relief of knowing that I could finally be myself without the fear of being abandoned, stigmatized, or misunderstood." - Joe Fusaro (pictured fifth from left, above) This Is My Brave NYC Alum

Beginning in the summer of 2016 we can help you start the mental health conversation within your establishment. For the last 3 years This Is My Brave and its' cast members from all over the United States have been using original music, poetry, and personal essay to open up an honest and real conversation about their own, or a loved one’s struggle with mental illness. 

Co-Founders Jennifer Marshall and Anne Marie Ames have taken them from one local Washington DC-based show in 2014, to 6 all-new and unique shows in 2015, and now 10 shows all over the country for 2016. We are now looking to keep the conversation going at your school, university, business establishment, place of worship, etc… Contact us about scheduling a group of This Is My Brave Alumni storytellers to speak to your group for a presentation and Q&A.

As of now we can offer Community Mini Shows in the following cities and their surrounding areas; Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles CA, Denver CO, Chicago IL, Iowa City IA, Greenville SC, Harrisburg PA, Boston MA, Arlington VA.

Let’s help each other keep the conversation going until, as Jenn put it, “One day we live in a world where we won’t have to call it “brave” when talking about mental illness. We’ll just call it talking.”

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