With a little help from my friends

Spotlight on: Anne Marie Ames, Associate Producer

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A little help? More like a lot of help.

We both feel like the universe brought us together for this purpose, creating this show, but I can't help but think that I'm the one who really won the jackpot. She's that incredible.

I didn't just find an Associate Producer when I met Anne Marie, I found a friend who I know will be in my life forever.

In August, my good friend Kiran invited us both to her launch party for Simply Om, her fair trade marketplace for yoga inspired jewelry. I arrived a few minutes late and joined in on the conversation between several of the attendees. While talking with a few of the ladies, someone mentioned my blog and Anne Marie looked over at me with a smile of recognition. {It was a really neat moment for me to have someone I had never met tell me they loved reading my blog!}

I had no idea at that moment just how lucky I was.

We ended up talking late into the evening and were two of the last guests to leave the party. Anne Marie shared with me her own personal struggle with depression and her son's fierce battle to overcome his severe anxiety and depression and how he had come so far in two years. I filled her in on my show and parts of my story that she hadn't read about on my blog. It was in my mind from the minute mental health became the topic of our conversation, and by the end of the night I found the courage to ask her if she'd help me with the marketing and production of the show. Her background in marketing and project management seemed like the perfect fit to balance out my lack of organization and planning skills.

We made plans to get together the following week for a brainstorming session.

It's been two months since we met and started on this journey together and I could not imagine putting on this show without her.

Anne Marie is the voice of reason when my stress level shoots through the roof from a day of chasing two little monsters who run wild around my house. She reassures me when I'm feeling less than confident in my ability to actually pull this off. She effortlessly organizes the chaos of creative ideas which I blurt out at our weekly meetings, molding concepts into concrete plans and deliverables.

In short, she's my better half.

We are a solid team. And I know for a fact I wouldn't be where I am right now if I wouldn't have met her.

I'm super grateful to Kiran for introducing us, and I'm honored to have Anne Marie as my Associate Producer.