Why? - A Guest Blog by Charlotte Delowery

Anxiety’s Side

My name is anxiety,

I live in my own society,

I give my pet her collar,

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.09.07 PM.png

And make her feel smaller,

I control how she feels,

I control how she thinks,

I have the power,

To make her cower,

So she is always scared,

I also have the reputation,

To send her to a different nation,

And make sure she is always alone,

Inside she knows,

That she deserves it.

The Victim’s side

Why does he have to do this,

Make me lower my head in shame,

Anxiety is a disease,

Release me from this please,

I would do anything,

To get away from the fear,

I can’t sleep without worrying,

Cause in my mind I am scurrying,

To get away from the hustle and bustle,

I have fallen into a deep dark hole,

And I feel like he stole my soul,

I need my savior to save me,

But he will never come,

Until it is all over,

Until it is all done,

So what can I do to make it different,

To let me have the upper hand,

So I ask,

Why do I deserve this?

About The Author: Charlotte is a 5th grader who lives in Iowa City, IA.   She loves painting, reading, writing poems, surfing (when she is near an ocean), cheering on her favorite sports teams, and playing with her sweet dog.  She is a competitive Irish dancer and enjoys meeting new people and making friends at each competition. She plays percussion in her school band is currently teaching herself how to play the ukulele.  Her anxiety was diagnosed at age 9 when she was having panic and anxiety about school and in group situations.  Charlotte hopes that by sharing her poem, others like her will know that they are not alone and that other people can relate to those overwhelming feelings.