Introducing Whitney from our Wheeling, WV Show!


Whitney Healy teaches high school English at Cameron High School, where she is also the Director of Theatre. Whitney began performing on stage when she was 15, first taking the stage as the Cheshire Cat in John Marshall High School’s production of Alice in Wonderland in 2003. Since then, Whitney has performed in shows at Towngate Theatre in Wheeling and the Strand Theatre in Moundsville, with her most recent performance occurring this summer with the Strand’s FAME!

Additionally, Whitney is the director of Towngate Theatre’s spoken-word poetry group, The Prosers, a group of local artists whose goal is to communicate opinions about social and personal issues via self-written poetry. Fellow This is My BRAVE performer Samantha Pearl is also a Proser.

A writer since third grade, Whitney has continued to pursue writing as a means to cope with personal issues or to simply exercise her creativity. Whitney wrote her first short-story at age nine (a story about her dog going to space), her first poem in the seventh grade, wrote countless poems during her junior year (what Whitney now refers to as her “dark” period), and has continued to use writing as a means to deal with her struggles with anxiety and depression into adulthood.

Whitney hopes this show will allow everyone’s voice to be heard so that others, young and old, will understand they are not alone in the struggle to overcome these “problems”.

The poem Whitney will perform is titled “Metronome”, a poem which uses a metaphoric metronome to duplicate feelings of extreme anxiety (almost mirroring how an individual feels when facing a panic attack) and depression. This poem is also what Whitney considers to be one of her greatest pieces, as it showcases of how the English language can be manipulated to create multiple levels of understanding (with the use of puns and other “plays” on words).

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