Learn More About Wheeling Cast Member Samantha


My story has developed through years at West Liberty Elementary, Warwood Middle School, and Wheeling Park High School. As a current, 18-year-old Freshman at Duquesne University, I spend most of my time exploring Pittsburgh; however, I prefer hiking through nature, particularly around the Tunnel Green area in Wheeling. I hope one day to expand my civil rights activism by tackling issues from a legal standpoint as an attorney. I currently intern on school breaks at the civil law firm of Cassidy, Cogan, Shapell, and Voegelin, as I pursue my career. My main passion is performing my poetry and using unique mediums to convey social and personal dilemmas to large groups of people. I also find comfort in painting, spending time with my friends and family, including my cat, and cooking or baking delicious, vegetarian meals. My hope is that my voice and original words make an impact on someone who really needs an optimistic and inspirational friend: the person I needed when I was at my lowest point.

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