We need to hear from you!

Surveypromo This Is My Brave has grown tremendously over the past eighteen months. As a non-profit organization, the only way for us to measure the impact our programs have on communities is by asking questions. We've launched a brief survey to help us gather feedback and would greatly appreciate your help in providing your thoughts and opinions on how we're doing so far.

Here's the link to take our survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LZ5GL9N

We appreciate your insight very much, and if you have any additional comments, please email us at: info@thisismybrave.org.

A look ahead

We have big plans for the remainder of 2015 and beyond and cannot wait to continue to bring you important personal stories of lives affected by mental illness. We have heard how these stories have impacted our communities, and it's our goal to expand our reach further. By continuing to put real names and faces on mental illnesses that affect so many people, we're crushing stigma and changing the way people look at mental health disorders.

But we wouldn't be where we are today without YOU. Your bravery and commitment to sharing your stories has helped launch This Is My Brave as a leading mental health awareness organization and we want you to know how much we admire your courage. By selflessly offering our truths to those who will listen, we're shining a light on a topic that has been in the dark far too long. By coming together, we're showing the world our strength. We are survivors. We are artists. We so much more than our illnesses.

We are brave storytellers who will not give up the fight to end stigma.