Announcing This Is My Brave - Team Australia

Hailing from the capital of Australia, Canberra, Team Oz have come together to help spread the positive message of the This Is My Brave shows beyond US shores.

Tim Daly

Tim Daly first contacted Jennifer in 2016 to see if it would be possible to produce TIMB in Australia. Tim is a full time carer for his partner who lives with MS and is also a member of a local MS advisory group who helps others traverse life as an MS sufferer. In a previous life he spent nearly 30 years working in the entertainment industry including TV, theatre, radio and live performance. As the General Manager of the local office of an international event staging company he suffered from acute anxiety and depression that left him in hospital twice and for the past 3 years has been managing his condition. Feeling that the stigma of having a mental illness was a huge impediment for those suffering and attempting recovery, he researched what others were doing with the view of producing a show and arrived at This Is My Brave.

Martin Fisk

Martin is the Chief Executive of Menslink and joined in March 2011 after a twenty-five year career in both the private and public sectors, including nearly ten years running his own business and a few years as a senior Federal Public Servant. Since joining Menslink, he has significantly expanded the reach of both the mentoring and counselling programs which now provide free services to more young men across Canberra than ever before.

An active campaigner for young men, Martin speaks to schools, businesses and community groups across the region about issues facing young men, their families and communities, including violence, mental health, drugs and alcohol and suicide – still the leading cause of death in men under 40.

In 2012, Martin designed the award-winning Silence is Deadly campaign to reduce the stigma of admitting to problems and encourage more young men to get help when faced with troubled times. This program has been successfully rolled out to thousands of students across all secondary schools across the Canberra region and has resulted in significantly more young men opening up about their hassles in life and getting help when they need it.

Martin is currently the Vice President of the ACT Council of Social Services (ACTCOSS).

A father of two daughters, he spends his spare time attending dance competitions and going bushwalking, cross-country skiing and running when he can.

Zebunnissa Khan

Zebunnissa is the Principal Psychologist at Lifestyle Psychology. Zebunnissa has been working in the area of mental health for over 10 years in Sydney, South Coast and is now based in Canberra. Her work has involved providing services to Rehabilitation Providers, EAP Providers, Community Mental Health projects and Private Practice.

Zebunnissa has completed her degree specialising in Psychology from the University of Sydney, Australia. This was followed through with completing a Diploma in Applied Psychology. She then continued to develop her counselling skills and became a Registered Psychologist with the Australian College of Applied Psychology. She helps her clients, who include children, adults and families to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe. This is done using evidence based approaches. 

Zebunnissa is passionate about stripping the stigma away from mental health. She has been involved in presenting seminars on mental health to help educate people about it and how it can impact people lives. She has presented at the National Museum of Australia, National Library of Australia, and Shangrila Sydney to name a few. Her goal is to continue to spread the word and normalise mental illness in society. 

A mother to three young children, Zebunnissa enjoys spending her time with family and friends. 


Audition Sign ups are open for those individuals interested in sharing their story in the May 26th performance, please use the button below to select an audition time slot. Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 11th (1-5pm) and Sunday, March 12th (10am-2pm). Be sure to read our Auditions page for info on the types of pieces we're seeking for the show.