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I am running my first 10k (6.2 miles) race on Saturday and nervous is one word to describe the situation.  Every night before race morning, I plan out my “flat momma(Shout out to my fellow MRTT ladies!!) to ensure I have everything ready to put on when my alarm goes off at o’dark thirty. Races in the winter are brutal as often I look outside my bedroom window and all I see is darkness and just sense that it’s super cold outside. It normally isn’t until I arrive at the race venue does the sun actually begin to rise. And yes, I already looked at the weather and it looks neither pretty nor warm!  Thankfully once you get going after the start of the race, you wonder why you wore so many layers to begin with! My nutrition for race day (let’s be honest, as a whole, is something I am working on) is a bowl of cheerios and a banana and...a Crystal Light energy packet poured in water. I don’t drink coffee, so this gives me the morning boost that I need.

Family & Friends = Support for the jitters

More often than not, my supportive Dad (a runner himself) either picks me up at my house or I meet him at the race prior to the start. He is recovering from knee surgery so I am unsure if he will be there. Thankfully, I have a lot of wonderful mommy friends running this race too! This way we can hop up and down together as we try to stay warm. So, back to the jitters…I seem to visit the bathroom at least twice, if not three times, before a race. My stomach is always in a bunch of knots every.single.time. The nervousness is simply because I want to do well for me and not that I am trying to beat anyone else in the race. I also pray for no injuries or mishaps along the way.

Prep for the Big Race

I have run many 5k’s and one 8k last year. I signed up for a 10k last year but had major tendonitis in my knee and was advised by the doctor to not run it. I made a rookie mistake by increasing my miles way too fast.  I am not a fast runner (yet). A comfortable pace for a race this distance is around 10:30 per mile. If I can stay around there and be consistent with my pace, I will be satisfied. I have never run this course before (that reminds me, I should look it up online) and rumor has it that it is hilly – not straight incline hilly but rolling hills. As I am making my way up each hill, I am going to have to remind myself that this race is simply in preparation for the BIG RACE I am going to be running on April 12th and happens to be more than double of what this race will be! All of these training and race miles are to help me complete the task of running 13.1 just how in life we have our obstacles and our celebrations all to help us get through this journey we call life. Join me next week as I share how running has some great learning experiences that parallel our lives.

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Thank you to all my #running4brave Supporters!

Also, I just want to add that the generosity I have seen in regards to the donations coming in for “This Is My Brave” is so amazing! We were able to reach our original $1,300 goal in less than 2 weeks and have added a stretch goal of $5,000 to help fund the creation of a high school mental awareness program. This program will change lives and save lives and I am more than honored to be a small part in helping make it happen. Please continue to share the information about this fundraiser to your social network where at least people will know that a wonderful and passionate organization like “This Is My Brave” exists.