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Week 3 has come and gone and let me be honest - It wasn’t stellar week training wise.  The brutal cold and windy weather we have been having in Virginia has not been any help to someone training for a Spring Marathon. {Reminder: Choose a race happening in the fall next time, okay Annie?} I have also started shadowing at my new job as a Personal Trainer and simply trying to find time to get all the things I want to do in a day or at least during the week.  I got in a slow but hilly 5 miles on Sunday in my new shoes (more on those below), and during the “heat wave” we had on Wednesday – a whopping 54 degrees – completed a 3 mile run with negative splits.

Side note: When headed out on a run outside, the suggestion is to dress as if it is 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.  Your body temperatue begins to rise and all those layers you thought were a good idea are feeling very hot about a mile in. 

I am still so early in the plan that running a few less miles this week won’t hinder me too much. I need to get back at it though as I have a 10k (6.2 miles) next week on a course I have never done before and rumor has it that there are a bunch of rolling hills. As I go up any hill in training or a race, I always, without fail, chant in my head “hills are my friend.” My dad, who is also a runner, taught me to recite that!


People often say running is such an easy sport as “all you need is a pair of shoes and a place to run.” Well, yes that IS true but all the gear you could get for running is so fun….and can be very costly! Here are a couple of things I like to use during my runs:

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  1. I was having trouble finding a new shoe that felt good on my feet and along came the Muzuno Wave Inspires while I was trying on shoes in a running store.  I was being good about choosing function over style and scored big time when these stabilizing yet light weight shoes were also in my favorite color of blue! I also got custom insoles put in them which should help deterring any injuries-I hope!!
  2. Not only are shoes required but good socks are a must! My dad got me these great “second skin” like socks made by Balega. I have only worn them during these cold weather months so I am not sure how they will fair in the heat (they say they will do just fine) but my feet have never been really cold or soaking wet after a run in the snow.
  3. {Fellas, you can skip this part as you don’t have these to worry about.} A supportive bra that does not chafe and fits well is a must for us ladies.  I have found that the “Moving Comfort Sports Bra” works well for me and doesn’t make me look like I have a uni-boob. After having kids, I don’t have much to worry about but the support is still needed. Find the right fit for you and buy 5 of them!!
  4. Up until about a year ago I ran with no form of ID or phone when I was out running through the town. This is stupid and don’t do this!! As runners, we should be wearing something that allows the medics to know who we are, any known allergies and who to contact. Since purchasing my slim fit Road ID, I have not taken it off. I wear it all day everyday on my wrist because it’s so light weight and durable, I don’t even realize it’s there anymore. One of our twins has a peanut allergy and I purchased one for his little 4 year old arm and he too wears it all the time. I think EVERYONE should be wearing one.  Before you order, search for coupon codes, as they are often out there and can save you a few bucks.
  5. I like data. I like analytics. I like comparing data. Having a Timex GPS running watch allows me to record all of that fancy stuff. There are many kinds of gps watches out there so you need to find one that gives you the data you need and provides the battery life needed to complete the race you are training for. After every run, I record my average pace, total time of the run and the time for each mile (aka split). I have this for EVERY run I have done over the last 2 years and love being able to see my progress from then until now.

The above are the few necessities required to get out there and run and then a few of the gadgets and gizmos I like personally like to use.  Oh, and thumb holes – yes, they are all that they're cracked up to be!! Any long sleeve shirt or jacket with thumb holes is amazing and you won’t know how wonderful they truly are until you are out on a bitterly cold run and your cute warm hands are tucked into gloves and then tucked into your jacket. Don’t knock it until you tried it! Trust me!

The best advice I can give applies no matter whether you're training for an event like a half marathon, or not. Simply find shoes and clothes that are comfortable, make YOU feel good and just get out there and MOVE!

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Note from Jenn & Anne Marie: We couldn't be more proud of Annie and her team for reaching their goal in the first two weeks of the #running4brave fundraiser! We have big dreams for the This Is My Brave High School initiative, visions and goals which will require funding to bring the entire program to fruition. Annie's #running4brave fundraiser has been an incredible start to establishing a dedicated pool of funds (YOUR generous contributions!) which will allow us to do the following:

  • Produce a professional, high-quality video comprised of performances from This Is My Brave productions (by the end of May we'll have a total of four shows to pull pieces from) which speak to the high school population
  • Create marketing materials to promote the program and attract the interest of high schools on a national level
  • Travel to the National Association of Secondary School Principals annual conference in February 2016 to promote and sell the video program to schools all over the country
  • Work with a professional curriculum writer to develop and write a curriculum based on the This Is My Brave mission which could be used in conjunction with the video package
  • Create two $250 scholarships for Loudoun County high school seniors who have an interest  in pursuing a health-based field in college

We'd like to set our first "stretch" goal for Annie and her team at $5,000 for the #running4brave fundraiser. If you are inspired by her journey and what we're aiming to accomplish with our high school initiative, please donate and share to help us reach our new goal! Also, there is an 8k run the same day as Annie's half marathon, so if you're new to running and have done some 5ks, why not sign up for the 8k and join our cause? Thanks so much for your support!