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Earlier this week, I didn’t sleep well. I watched one too many episodes of “House of Cards,” went to bed too late, our room was too warm and I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable. So, of course I didn’t feel rested when I woke up the next morning. Our twins go to preschool in the morning and I usually use that time to cross things off my “to do list” that are much too difficult to do with two 4 year olds in tow or I use it to get in a training run.

That day however, I wanted to crawl back in my bed for just a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep. I drove the boys to school still in my pj’s but before I pulled away from the school I checked my email….donation notification after donation notification kept coming in!! I then went on Facebook and one of our amazingly energetic team members posted that she had exceeded her personal goal of $500 for #running4brave!

Well, with all that wonderfulness there was no way I could crawl back under my covers. There were people supporting me and believing in me that I could complete this half marathon. There were people who have been affected by mental illness and believe in the mission of “This Is My Brave” and no way could I selfishly take a nap with all the encouragement coming my way. I could simply go to bed early that night….a training run was required of me!

Off I went on a course I had never run before. I ran through a local regional park that banks on the Potomac River. The weather was a bit chillier than I had thought it would be but within 10 minutes I had either warmed up or my hands had gone completely numb – not sure which one! I purposely wore my watch under my sleeves so I wouldn’t be as inclined to look at my distance or pace too often. It was freeing to just run and enjoy the scenery around me. I knocked out 5 miles in less than an hour at a pace that is better than some of my best 5k times! I finished the run and had no doubts that I made the right decision to run instead of sleep.

#running4brave This Is My Brave fundraiser

I realize that the race is in 16 days and if training continues as it has been, I will be able to check off the completion of my first half marathon. The emotions I will have when I cross that finish line on race day is going to be a wide range – elation and exhaustion at the same time and not in a Bipolar way. I can’t forget that this is a little blip in time for me and that this journey of living with Bipolar Disorder will be forever.

There are people who are struggling daily and some who don’t know if they can press on one more day living in pain. Thanks to the donations many of you have given, we can give hope to those suffering that yes, they can press on and live a life they never dreamed possible and test their mind and body in positive ways they never knew existed…..like running a half-marathon!! Within the last 7 days alone, “#Running4Brave” has raised $430 which puts us at 58% of our $5,000 goal!! There have been donations from 35 wonderful people all who are supporting this effort.

Unless my legs fall off, I know I will finish this race, so please help me by allowing us to get to 100% of our goal by midnight on April 12th. For those of you waiting to see the final race results before making your donation – yeah, I know there are those of you out there - that’s okay. The fundraiser will probably stay open a few days past the race so you can chip in towards this wonderful cause. See you at the finish line.☺

Annie#running4brave This Is My Brave fundraiser

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me in this fundraiser! Help us get to 100% of our goal by donating here: https://www.crowdrise.com/thisismybrave/fundraiser/anniepowell1.