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I did it – I ran 10 consecutive miles, which is the furthest Hal Higdon’s training plan has me go!! Never have I ever run that far all at once and guess what? The 2 hours spent running really flew by! Never once did I feel the need to stop and walk. It was the company of a long time friend that helped me to rack up mile after mile.

Mark has been a friend of my husband’s since they were in elementary school. I met Mark the same night I met my husband…at a bar on New Year’s Eve (cliché yes but 11 years later – 9 years married - we are still together).  Mark has been around in our early months of dating, the night we got engaged and stood beside us as our best man when we said “I do".

We have had some fun moments over the years but I know for a fact Mark and I have never talked and listened to each other for 2 consecutive hours like we did on this run. This, my friends, is what running can do. It allows two people, whether they know each other for years or just had the same pace at a group run, to run side by side and talk about life while their feet move beneath them and the miles increase. The time is undivided attention. I know lives can be changed and problems can be solved during these times. I emailed Mark the next day telling him that I couldn’t believe how fast time went on our long run. In response, Mark, who is more of a cyclist than a runner, captured my exact feelings and emotions.  I can’t help but share with you what he wrote when describing my emotions on that run.

I couldn’t have said it any better than he did right here:

“I agree it went by super fast. I expected myself to struggle after about 6-8. You never looked like you needed to slow down. You just proved your body can do it. I honestly believe most of this is in your head. Work out the mental aspect and you will become Forest Gump. You planned to do 8 and you did great. Then we added a couple more. When you hit 9-ish it was like a switch flipped in your head and you suddenly wanted to straight line it back to the start. It was like you realized your feet were no longer touching the sand and the ocean wave was taking you away from shore. I could see your mind spin up with doubt and maybe even a bit scared to push outside your known zone. I told you 10 is the number and to press on. When I agreed to turn around before we started to go downhill again, it was like another switch was thrown and you perked back up and finished the 10. Your body did it. You just need your mind to believe it.”

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On Sunday, April 12th Mark and I will be running side by side as we complete a half marathon – a first for both of us. I have told him that we can’t talk until race day so we can have 13.1 miles worth of things to talk about.


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