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So, I have to be honest, the last week (okay, really honest: the last TWO weeks) have been rough for me when it comes to training and my anxiety is higher than normal. I know I am not the only one who really struggles emotionally during those brutally cold, windy, snowy, stuck inside the house kind of days that the winter often seems to bring.


Reflecting back on the past few years and what happened during those winter months: 2012 I checked myself into a local psychiatric hospital for 3 days after a rough winter. In February 2013, after 72 hours of complete mania and no sleep, I fell into a bad depression and the diagnosis of “Bipolar Disorder II” was given. So, let me state: winter is not a season I yearn for during the year and winter is not the most ideal time to be training for a half marathon, let alone my first half marathon.

The amount of miles I have been running have decreased each week since I started my training when they should be gradually increasing  but I have run over 50 miles thus far!  I have been pretty diligent about doing some form of strength training, core workout, pilates at the gym or creating my own home workouts for those days I literally cannot get out on the road to run because they are covered in a nice layer of ice! Many people have asked “why don’t you run on the treadmill?” I have some amazing running friends who run for miles and miles on the “dreadmill” (a term runners affectionately call the treadmill) and are able to maintain their training while doing so.

Today, I looked at my mileage tracking spreadsheet and when I had last run (4 mile hill workout 4 days ago) and I forced myself to just do it: Get on the treadmill and run for one hour!! I got my 3 kids who were home due to another snow day settled and watching a movie and told them mommy, really needs a good long run. Please oh please give me this time and only come down to the basement if you really need me.” I know I dawdled a little bit trying to find the best free movie on demand to watch. The final choice was the movie “The Fault In Our Stars” as I heard it was a good book and movie. Honestly, it really didn’t matter what it was (the movie was so-so in my opinion; next time I will chose something with more energy). I just needed some sound and a visual to focus on while I ran in place for 60 minutes.

I always have the treadmill on some sort of incline (today it was 3%) as studies show that having a slight incline will stimulate outdoor running conditions better than having no incline at all. I looked down at the timer only to see I had only been running for 2 minutes….58 minutes to go! At the 30 minute mark, I needed a bathroom break – a big perk when you are running in your house and don’t have to find a nice tree to shelter you while you have to go. I did what I needed to do and jumped back on the treadmill for the remaining 30 minutes for a total of 1 hour!! I am not even sure if I have ever run for that long on a treadmill ever and really it wasn’t all that bad – challenging, yes; completely mind numbing, yes; but not as bad as I would have thought.

With the way the forecast is looking, I think there will have to be some more long treadmill runs in my future. Post-run my mood and energy level were so much better and I am glad I talked myself into it. As the saying goes, “the only workout you will ever regret is the one you didn’t do.”

Here are some of the workouts I found on Pinterest that I having been doing for cross training:

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