Step & repeat and our NBC4 story

photo (5) It's Tuesday night and Anne Marie and I are crossing items off our To-Do list as we catch up over a Google Hangout video call. We couldn't be more excited for Sunday's show and we continuously marvel at how everything has been falling into place.

Anne Marie's wonderful husband Steve built the framework for this awesome step & repeat logo banner we're posing in front of. It will be in the lobby of the theater and we'd absolutely love it if you would step in front of it, hand your cell to our volunteer who will be right there waiting, and grab a photo before or after the show to share on social media. Step and repeat, repeat, repeat! We'd love to see ALL of our amazing attendees who have traveled from near and far to attend the show, sharing their experience with those who aren't able to make it to the show.

In exciting media coverage news, look for us on NBC4 Washington tomorrow night! Doreen Gentzler will be featuring the story of This Is My Brave as part of their year-long Changing Minds campaign. The story should air during the 5pm broadcast. If you miss it, don't worry. We'll be sharing the story on social media once the link hits their website.

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing the news of This Is My Brave and supporting us along the way!