Oklahoma City show photos

Congratulations to our Oklahoma City cast of storytellers! The photos are in, and the show will be hitting our YouTube channel later this month.

From our Oklahoma City Producer, Stephanie:

What was it like to produce a This Is My Brave show?

It was scary and exhilarating and frustrating and joyful. Thirteen people from all over Oklahoma shared their Brave on Oct. 6 in Norman, Oklahoma, so that I could experience my Brave in producing a show.

There were aspects of putting the show together that I really felt challenged by, others parts I managed well enough, and a few areas I excelled. In reflection, I took away several reminders about myself, which is all I can really expect in any situation.

1. I love people. I love stories. I love people telling stories. I truly believe Storytelling Saves Lives.

2. I am brave. Shyness due to my own anxiety and depression has plagued me all my life. The show proved to me that I am no longer bound by those ties.

3. We never truly know our individual or collective impact on others. One person’s perception of “that’s weird” is another person’s “that’s amazing.” I witnessed a huge act of generosity by several kind souls that the recipient of the generosity will never know about.

4. This Is My Brave matters. I am so honored to be part of this organization and its mission.

Finally, as much as I found enjoyment and success in meeting the mission of the evening, the absolute highlight was having my three kids, ages 21 and twin 17-year-olds, participate. I shared my brave with them. They not only showed up, they shined in ways I’d never seen before.

I am truly grateful for having had this experience in my life and for sharing it with others.

Stephanie Bond

A huge Thank You to Caroline R. Miller, our photographer for the event, who captured the energy and excitement of the evening through her lens.

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