Counseling@Northwestern's MHA Conference recap

Guest post submitted by our friends at Counseling@Northwestern | photos submitted by Dan Killi, official TIMB iPhone photographer for this event

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Counseling@Northwestern, Northwestern University’s online masters in counseling program, was a sponsor at the 2015 Mental Health America Annual Conference held at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia, June 3-5. More than 400 people including business and community leaders, members of Congress, and health professionals attended the conference to discuss the importance of identifying mental illness signs early to ensure that individuals receive prompt treatment.

“It was a privilege to attend an event that was not only educational and informative about the latest in mental health policy, prevention, and intervention, but also incredibly inspiring,” said Counseling@Northwestern’s content coordinator Megan Dottermusch. “I think the conference was so successful in large part because of the nationally recognized speakers and expert panelists, but I especially enjoyed the presentation of This is My Brave.”

The theme of this year’s conference was Intervention and Innovation Before Stage 4, inspired by MHA’s philosophy that mental health conditions should receive immediate attention, just like we do for our physical health. On Wednesday afternoon, presenters in This is My Brave shared essays, original music, and poetry about living with or loving someone with a mental illness. It was an emotional experience for all those in attendance. Counseling@Northwestern has published a summary of the conference showing the major moments that occurred June 5-6, including a peek at This is My Brave!