Melissa's Story


I am submitting a piece of poetry. I would like to tell my story of being an adopted child of an alcoholic. It was much later, after I had ended my own substance use, that my besties and I were at a family gathering and the discussion settled on the past and how my best friends would look to me for safety and security when we would go out and without blinking or taking a breath my best friend’s daughter said “Why?!” It wasn’t the question but the answer, because a lot of years I put the lives of myself and my best friends in danger in the name of fun.

I realized at that moment that my desire for fun and all of the impulses and compulsion stemmed from a combination of addiction, alcoholism and dealing with anxiety, depression and maybe undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Who knows what would have ultimately come from that path.

I have always believed and shared that it is through the telling of your story whether singing, dancing or writing that will liberate us from the chaos and confusion that is often left in the wake.

From birth my destiny

Was determined

You knew me to be

That one

That one that would

Change the world


Back from

The beginning

That one that would

Make the difference



The original

That one that would

Cause the movement



The present

That one that would

Appear to be



The Future


Melissa Enoch-DeBerry

About The Author: My name is Melissa Enoch-DeBerry and I am from a small county in North Carolina. I was born and raised as an adopted child of two loving parents one of whom had an issue with alcoholism. For many years, my justification of my addictive behavior was that I could be anyone that I wanted to be and do anything I wanted to do because of the fact that since I didn’t have their blood and I didn’t have their issues. I learned that the power of my voice could be used it to my advantage and the disadvantage of another. This selfishness and lack of consideration has led to the demise of many relationships and created loneliness. It is only through telling this story that I believe people will understand the depth of substance abuse and make necessary changes to prevent what has happened to me, from happening to them.