Meet Wheeling, WV Cast Member Cheryl!


My name is Cheryl Childers.  My disability is schizoaffective disorder bipolar type.  I have been in many hospitals for my illness.  My treatment has been successful, but I still deal with the pain of mental illness.  I have found that through my battle, the Arts are so important.  In a sense, the Arts rescued me as did my faith in God.  I manage my illness daily and am now able to hold a part time job.  I am very open about my illness.  I believe we need to start talking about mental health issues and not worry about stigma.  

My art has been exhibited throughout the state.  West Virginia University Creative Arts Center, Different Voices at Monongalia Arts Center, Senior Exhibit at Monongalia Arts Center, Romp Exhibit in Charleston, Diversifying Perspectives at Culture Center Capitol Complex in Charleston, WV.  As well as art works here in Wheeling, WV, I also organized my own art show at Methodist Community Center in Moundsville, West Virginia.

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Please share this post with friends and family in the Wheeling, WV area. We're all affected by mental health and addiction issues, and the more we can support each other, the easier it will be for people to seek help. This Is My Brave is proof that Storytelling Saves Lives.