Meet The Producers Of This Is My Brave Philadelphia!

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Elise Seyfried

I am so excited to be co-producing the very first This Is My Brave Philadelphia with Bill! I am a writer (3 books of humorous spiritual essays, and numerous freelance articles and essays), actress, spiritual formation director at a Lutheran church, mom of five grown kids and grandma of two little boys. Eleven years ago, after a frightening year of manic episodes, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Treatment has been successful for me, thankfully. Since then, I have written about my condition for publications including OC87 Recovery Diaries, Connect (ELCA Youth Ministry Journal), and Racked. It has been my hope that my being totally honest will inspire others to share their stories as well—and that has proven true, both in my church and the greater community. I lead a mental health support group, and am co-editor and writer for our Lutheran synod disability newsletter Able, Together. I firmly believe in the mission of This Is My Brave-- that brave storytelling by people living with mental illness is helping to shatter the stigma that still, unfortunately, is present in our society.

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Bill Holmes

Hello, my name is Bill Holmes and I am one of the co-producers of This Is My Brave Philadelphia! I would like to officially welcome you as a storyteller for this amazing production. To give you a little background of myself, I am a writer, poet, author, and therapist who resides in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. I am also a TIMB alum from the Washington, DC Fall 2016 production. I had the wonderful opportunity as a storyteller to share my struggles with managing my depression and suicidal ideation through poetry. This experience was amazing for me to meet my fellow storytellers who shared their respective journeys to manage their mental health and to forge positive friendships where we support and encourage each other to this day. Following the event, I expressed to Jennifer Marshall, co-founder of TIMB, that my long-term goal was to bring this production to Philadelphia in the future, and it has finally come into fruition. I have to give thanks to Jenn and the TIMB family and my fellow co-producer Elise Seyfried for this magnificent opportunity. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you as we come together to share our stories, raise awareness for mental health, and bring an end to stigmas that prevent others from seeking help.  

Call for stories is open and we want to hear your Brave! Click the link to sign up for an audition slot on March 10th, 17th and 24th  and you may be selected for our Philly show’s cast of storytellers. (Show Date: June 10th, 2018)

View our auditions page for more details on the types of stories we’re seeking and tips on preparing your piece!