Introducing Lansing Cast Member Tanna Skaggs

Salam !  


Hi, my name is Tanna Skaggs & I’m originally from Arizona, where the rest of my family still resides. I was born with a rare disability known as Hemischzencephally, which means half split brain. I was suppose to be a twin, but she stopped developing & caused me to have seizures from 2weeks of conception till I was 17yrs old. As a teen I endured up to 50 Seizures a day, that was, until I had my brain surgery in 1990. They removed 3/16th of my right hemisphere & disconnected my right hemisphere from my left. Leaving me with only a half functioning brain. My seizures did stop, but the operation took part of my sight, leaving me partially blind in both eyes. Going into my adult years, not only was I dealing with a double dose of TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, & vision loss, I was also struggling with anxiety & depression. This has made public socializing a huge challenge for me &, something I’m determined to overcome. 

  I wanted to be apart of this event, because I want people dealing with mental illness to know that they are not alone. They are valued individuals & that there are people out there that really care & want to help.  I also, want to teach others whom may not have a mental illness, to understand that they don’t have to watch their loved ones struggle alone, that they can help. There are many things in life that inspire me to stay in check with my mental health, but the two most important reasons why I keep moving forward, are my two daughters. They have given me a reason to show everyone what I am truly capable of. They inspire me to prove to the world that my disability may be both physical & mental, but that does not stop me from being successful,  & that’s what I want others to know, that they can do the same ! What I’d hope the audience takes away from the show, is a better understanding about mental illness, to see it as an opportunity, rather then an unsolvable problem.  Life is already too hard, & struggling in silence, & fear makes it harder.  We need to open our hearts & arms to those that need it the most. Everyone has worth.  Everyone needs an opportunity to show it, & everyone has the right to be happy ! 

Thank you, 

Peace Be With you!! 

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