Meet Arlington Cast Member Tammy Lofink


My name is Tammy Lofink. I live in Sykesville, Maryland, which is right outside of Baltimore. I am passionate about finding purpose and meaning in life. I have a beautiful 18-year-old daughter who is getting ready to start her sophomore year in college. Unfortunately, I lost my wonderful son Robert to a drug overdose on September 14th, 2014; he was just 18 years old. I am a Founder and President of two non-profit organizations: Rising Above Addiction and Reclaiming My Life Sober Home. I started Rising Above Addiction a year after my son passed away. The funds that are raised go towards helping people get into treatment. Reclaiming My Life opened in June of 2017. This is a twelve-step sober house that provides a safe and loving environment for girls who are on their journeys of recovery.  

As a child I struggled with anxiety and low self-esteem.  My anxiety, insecurities, judgement and criticism from others and never feeling good enough created a fracture that caused me to allow myself to be defined by others. This spilled into marriage, friendships and raising my children. I learned to adapt to my world by pretending to be someone else so that others would like me.  Through therapy, self-awareness and perseverance, I was able to begin my journey of self-discovery. It was a long and difficult process to become the person that I am today; however, I am grateful for the gifts of struggles and pain.

Today, my life is full of meaning, purpose and understanding. I am strong, confident and I have learned resiliency.   I am blessed to have found purpose out of tragedy, and every day I get to help people along their journeys of recovery and reclaiming of their lives. I am a survivor!

I am extremely grateful to be able to tell my story and share my journey through This is My Brave. It is an honor to be asked to help break the stigma of mental health and addiction. It is only when we break the silence and put a face to the issue that change can start to happen.

Things in life don’t always go according to plan; however, sometimes we get way more than we could have ever imagined.

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