Meet Arlington Cast Member Sabri Murray

Coming from a family of 13 siblings, Sabri feels obligated to be a role model and to protect all of his siblings. Growing up in Elizabeth, New Jersey, his parents understood the high rates of criminal activity was extremely unsafe for the family. His mother decided to move the family to a neighboring city named Rahway, where he began attending Kindergarten. During this time, he watched the movie 8-mile, and immediately fell in love with rhyming and storytelling. Eventually, he began spending time in his room writing songs. Writing is only one of Sabri’s  passions, in high school, he played football and wrestled until he tore his ACL, the summer leading up to his senior year.

He does not take anything or anyone for granted after learning of his sister’s suicide attempt. My sister’s struggles encouraged me to learn more about mental health and be a part of This Is My Brave.

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