Meet Orlando Cast Member Sarah Hunter

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I’m Sarah Hunter. I am 22 years old and I live here in the Orlando area. I’ve lived here all
my life and I live at home with my parents, my ferocious feline Tiger and adorable Aussie-Doodle puppy, Bentley.

I am a student at Seminole State College and my dream is to become a music and art therapist. When I’m not studying I enjoy writing songs, stories, poetry and journaling. I also enjoy painting with watercolor & acrylic. One of my most favorite things I do is listen to and or watch music videos. This especially helps me with my anxiety. Music calms and soothes me and helps to distract me from all “the noise” that sometimes creeps into my brain.

I have wonderful people in my life that support me – my family, friends and my boyfriend. I’m always kind to others and make friends easily. I volunteer weekly at our local library and as much as I can with NAMI. I am a presenter on mental health and tell my story to area high school students, one class at a time. I also, thru the NAMI Family to Family classes, speak to groups of family members that are longing for hope for their loved ones.

Mental Health is something that affects my life daily. I have two diagnoses – Schizoaffective Disorder and Anxiety. Having both of these to contend with, I experience many symptoms that make every-day living, dreaming & succeeding difficult, but despite the pain, I won’t let my illness stop me.

In a typical day, I might feel sick to my stomach from medications I must take, or I find I can barely breathe or sleep at night due to panic attacks and/or hallucinations that appear in my mind. When I start feeling the familiar stomach aches & sharp pains in the back of my head, blurred vision (again from my meds) or the anxiety that just seems to come out of nowhere – all of this makes school, and just trying to make it through my day, a very difficult process. BUT....I forge on and deal with the challenges as best I can. Driving a car and getting a job are things most people take for granted. These are monumental goals for me but they are nonetheless goals I’m slowly working on. With each struggle and challenge I face, I am shown another stronger side of me and with that, I’m given the opportunity to be understanding and show compassion to others who face their own challenges in life.

I wanted to be part of This Is My Brave because it is such a beautiful platform to share positive stores and the chance to hopefully change lives, including my own. We all could use a little compassion and healing, right?

The creative side of me is what inspires me to stay healthy. When I am writing or creating a painting, I am happy, aware and at peace with the world. When I wasn’t healthy, my passions just couldn’t bring me that same sense of peace and joy.

I hope the audience takes away a message of hope as well as a sense that they are not alone. Their emotions, their feelings of sadness or their fears – these need to be validated for them and should be expressed, supported and heard with compassion and kindness.

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