Meet Orlando Cast Member Corey McKnight!

Hello my name is Corey D. McKnight, I’m a native of Florida and have been in the surrounding area for over 28 years. I am the middle child of three and have an older brother and a younger sister. My hobbies include a variety of the arts cooking, music, and writing to name a few.

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Having a mental illness has affected my life in numerous ways: when my mother died it caused me to shut down and lose myself. Also I lost my bearings on life. Getting through that situation caused me a lot of heartache. It also caused enormous growth into the person I am today.

I wanted to be a part of This Is My Brave because it is a place and a platform where we are accepted in our diverse world we live in. Having a mental illness has been a stigma in our society. It causes fear in people and allows them to stereotype individuals that have these conditions.

What inspires me? Life inspires me! I keep in mind that I must forget the past, live for the now, and expect for the future. No one knows the curve balls that life can throw at you, so when they come hold to your faith and in doing so you will be an overcomer. 

I hope the audience takes with them: that once you accept something, you can then move forward in life. Accepting that the only thing consistent in life is change, and in change, there are a multitude of sky-rocketing events that can take place. You just have to prepare then you will be free.

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