Meet Northern VA cast member Caroline Ferrante!

Hi. I’m Caroline Ferrante, a full-time musician and songwriter, mother of three, wife of one, and founding director of Songwriters Against Sexual Assault (SASA). I grew up on the south side of Chicago and lived out west for a while. For the last 15 years, I’ve called Maryland home.


I love leading creative writing and songwriting workshops on university campuses, especially with SASA. When we engage in open dialogue about our stories and the very real effects of assault on campus, we can create a community of change.

I was regularly sexually assaulted by my father since the age of four, so post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been a part of my fundamental wiring since the beginning. I am also a survivor of Intimate Partner Violence from a previous marriage.

For most of my life trauma and the aftermath, have been my "normal".

My senses are constantly pulling me back to other periods of my life. I manage fear and/or panic on a daily basis. When something triggers a memory, I can shut down completely.

Thankfully, I’m learning to be kind to myself, to create safe places, among nurturing, healthy relationships. It’s taken decades of trial-and-error and gut-wrenching work to face the hard realities of my mental illness. However, I’m so very grateful to be here.

Lily, my emotional support animal (ESA), has been such a beautiful part of my recovery. I’m never alone. I’m always loved and that has changed my world.

I also have been transformed through meditation. It only takes a few minutes a day and I’m no guru, but it’s one of the safe spaces I've carved for myself.

Nowadays, I see my unique perspective, my "time-travelling mind", as a blessing. I see things very differently than most and that can provide unique perspective. This comes through in my songwriting.

I wanted to be a part of This Is My Brave from the first moment I heard about it. When we speak out about mental illness, we remove the stigma. I have a daughter with bipolar. My family has a long history of mental illness and shame. The shame kept people from reaching out to get help.

I hope that the TIMB audience comes away with fresh perspective on mental illness. I hope we will inspire hope and community. One day our world will judge depression, or any mental illness, no more than they would judge a broken leg or an ear infection. So we speak out to help that world take shape for our children.

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