Introducing Arlington Cast Member Neta Vaught

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Neta Vaught, a native Washingtonian, has a passion for people and a heart for serving others. Neta became a certified Community Health worker with goals to enrich the District population. With a tenacious spirit, Neta advocates on the behalf of her community to increase awareness surrounding mental health and mental illness issues by breaking down health disparity barriers. Always looking to make an even larger impact, she has worked with the District’s largest Medicaid Managed Care Organizations to reach the underserved population about mental health and mental illness.  

Neta Vaught’s life, like many others, has been far from easy. She experienced much trauma such as growing up fatherless, surviving molestation, verbal, and physical abuse. Neta’s mother raised her and her sibling under the mental torment of paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar. As a child, she never knew that her own future would hold bouts of depression and anxiety issues that would require her to fight every day for her mental health. After suffering a stroke at age 33, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorder, and suicide attempts all while raising five children as a single mother she knew something had to change! It was during these times that her strength grew, her dependence on God increased, and she birthed her company Reconnecting Our Communities L.L.C .

Neta understood that her pain and suffering was designed to elevate her and equip her to be an inspirational voice to others. The silence of hurt and despair was broken and Neta has become a force to be reckoned with. She shares her story of pain and suffering, completely transparent in her journey and how she “made it over” and recovers daily.   Neta Vaught has dedicated her life to support those in need and encourage the silent by using social media platforms, news media, and radio to spark hope-filled conversations, speak positivity through the airwaves. Neta has now launched her call for stories Expression Author Your Storybooks that are filled with real people with real stories in hopes of giving others a chance to become the authors of their own story. Neta teaches the benefits and art of journaling despite current circumstances and past traumas. Neta has a passion of becoming an author, speaker and creative visionary under her company “Reconnecting Our Communities LLC”.

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