Introducing Los Angeles Cast Member Mark Ciaramitaro

Mark Ciaramataro.jpg

My name is Mark Ciaramitaro and I play guitar and sing in the two piece post-rock band House Atlantic from Los Angeles, CA. I have lived with chronic depression since my early teens. My hope with this project is to paint the struggles of living with mental illness in a new light, one that isn’t shrouded by an unnecessary stigma. We hope to inspire people to be more open with one another, showing love unconditionally, without judgement.

Music has been one of the greatest outlets for me to express myself and it has helped me in so many ways live with my depression. With House Atlantic, the goal is to share the healing power of music, reach out to the ones who feel hopeless, and let them know that there is light in the darkest of places and that having the creative outlet to share our story may help you come to the realization that you’re not alone in this world. Music saved my life. I wouldn’t be here without music that inspired me to continue to fight, everyday. We aim to be that beacon of hope for all of you. You are loved. You are whole. So come, all ye’ weary. The doors to the house are always open


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