Meet Lewiston, ME Producer and cast member Hallie!

Hallie knows all too well the horror of suicide and the devastating impact it leaves on a family. After an argument in 2010 with her 20-year-old son CJ, she was left to face life knowing her beloved son chose to end his with a single gunshot to the head. Although she blames herself for what transpired that day, Hallie is determined to prevent anyone else from walking in CJ’s shoes. She has spent the last 6 years raising awareness about the importance of organ donation and openly and honestly sharing CJ’s story as a way to foster conversation about suicide and the horrific destruction it leaves in its wake. As a way to deal with her own grief, Hallie started SCATTERING CJ, a project to spread her son’s ashes across the world. In doing so, the Scattering CJ Facebook page has become a community of compassionate people, many of who willingly share their own struggles with suicide. The Scattering CJ journey is currently being made into a documentary film by award winning Spark Media, a Washington D.C. based company that fosters social and institutional change.

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