Meet Lewiston Producer Donna!

Donna Lafean.JPG

Donna has been exposed to mental illness amongst family and friends; but, was really impacted strongly when a close friend of hers son chose to take his own life in front of her. Donna watched her best friend and her friend’s family go through the most horrific loss a person can go through. In the past seven years she has donated her time to fundraisers, blood donation events as well as helping promote "Scattering CJ" Facebook page, a project to help scatter ashes around the world. Donna strongly believes in Tracy and Hallie's passion to help bring awareness to suicide in our community.

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Please share this post with friends and family in the Lewiston, ME area. We're all affected by mental health and addiction issues, and the more we can support each other, the easier it will be for people to seek help. This Is My Brave is proof that Storytelling Saves Lives.