Meet Lewiston, ME Cast Member Emily!

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Hi, I’m Emily Fuller. I work retail, and live in Auburn with my boyfriend and two cats: Cookie Dough and Jelly Bean. In my free time I like to play board games with my friends and consume an unhealthy amount of cherry pull and peel Twizzlers. I grew up in a small town with my parents, my older brother and my twin sister. I was always a little emotional, and I clearly got that from my dad. At 15, when it was discovered that I was cutting myself, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and treatment began. It’s only recently that I have become a little more comfortable in my own skin, and less embarrassed about my mental illnesses. Over the past few years, I have found an amazing group of friends, and some of which share and empathize with my struggle. When I discovered “This Is My Brave,” I thought about attending as an audience member to hear other people’s stories. The more I thought about it, though, the more compelled I felt to share my own experiences. Just knowing there have been people before me that have done this made me feel calm about auditioning, and I’m hoping that sharing my story will have the same effect on others.

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Please share this post with friends and family in the Lewiston, ME area. We're all affected by mental health and addiction issues, and the more we can support each other, the easier it will be for people to seek help. This Is My Brave is proof that Storytelling Saves Lives.