Meet Lewiston Cast Member Amy!

Amy Greene.JPG

Amy is a writer who has been songwriting since 6th grade. She is participating in This Is My Brave because she lives with bipolar disorder. Amy feels drawn to this cause because of how misunderstood mental illness is and feels suicide is judged so harshly that she is compelled to speak up in defense. Amy is a suicide survivor. She has fallen victim to the tricks a sick mind can play on you. Mental illness is skewed and persuasive, among many other things. Amy  learned through experience that her life isn't going out like that. Amy believes it is not okay to judge someone who succumbs to suicide and you can't judge a person for losing the will to refuse. Amy wants people to just be kind. Amy has a bachelor's degree in psychology because she feels she owes it to humanity to help pick up her fallen comrades on this twisted ride because the universe has blessed her with the right souls to save her along her journey. Amy is truly grateful for her twist of fate,  because without it, she is not sure where she would be.

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