Introducing Bentonville Cast Member Levi Ball!

 I am from Rogers, Arkansas and I have lived in the cozy little town for all my eighteen years. Growing up it was just my mother and I along with two much older sisters who, even though it was not their job, treated me as their child. 


As a way of relaxation and stress relief, I enjoy finding little natural places around Northwest Arkansas that I can claim for the day. Along with this, I love music, but only sing in the shower because ears will bleed and chaos will ensue if I were to sing in front of an audience. 

My mental illness sometimes overcomes me and I sometimes overcome it. It is still a battle some mornings, but I feel as if I can manage a bit better now. My mind does not have to be a prison, even though some days it feels as such. My bed and I have become great friends, but I feel that it is a one-sided relationship. 

This Is My Brave is my opportunity to tell the story that I have kept inside for far too long. To tell others that they are not alone. To show myself that I have a community. And perhaps even inspire a few to tell their untold stories and use it to their advantage. Our illnesses do not divide us, they unite us. 

My biggest inspirations to stay healthy and aware are my close friends. When I am floating in space or off on a manic ramble, they caringly bring me back down to earth. My support group I assembled at school keeps me sane and offers solace when I need it most. My community is a loving one. 

If the audience could take one thing from my story, I would hope that it is the fact that we are no different than the person next to us. We bleed the same, we feel the same, we love the same. Some paths are a little more beaten than others, but the humanity that you can find in a stranger is always shocking. Love hard, love free, and love always.

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