Meet Bentonville Cast Members Mark and Lauren Levine!

I’m from Toronto and Mark is from NYC and we have been in Arkansas for the almost 18 years we have been married. I love to write, draw, read and act. I a great deal of my time complaining that I don’t have enough time to do any of those things. Mark is an aspiring stand-up comedian. He is most always funny. Together we are raising 15 year old  amazing Evan. We usually pretend we know how to do this. Improv classes have helped with this 

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Mental health struggles  have  affected both of our lives in ourselves and in our families. It feels like the much of what we each have dealt with personally were not named or acknowledged until adulthood when the words Anxiety and ADHD emerged. Before that it was just silent struggling and confusion.  

I was a producer last year and again this year because sharing the truth makes so much sense to me . I am an expressive art therapist so using the arts to explore and share is the format which makes most sense to me.  

Mark is in this show because, by hook or by crook he has a story to share. 




I am inspired to be mentally healthy first so that I can be the best spouse, mom, friend and therapist I can be. My definition of being mentally healthy includes not faking it.  It includes being a messy human. 

Mark is also inspired to be the best spouse, dad and friend he can be….. Don’t even get me started on Mark’s mess…………

I think we both want the audience to leave feeling like it’s ok to be ourselves. Our authentic selves. All human and flawed and messy. We want the audience to feel included in this struggle called “life”. Not exempt because they may struggle. Not an exception, but exceptional in thier own way!

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