Meet Katie from This Is My Brave Wheeling


Katie Burns is proud to participate in Wheeling’s This Is My Brave. As a clinical therapist, Katie has the education and personal experience to understand the challenges of mental health. She has a Master’s Degree in counseling from West Virginia University and a Certification in Trauma Therapy. While working with adolescents to work through their experiences of trauma, Katie balances her own challenges related to anxiety, depression and panic attacks. In hope of continuing her career as a counselor, Katie took a break from the field to reset with the help and love of her partner. Katie hopes to inspire those who have experienced negative effects of mental health conditions in their lives, especially new professionals stepping into the field. Thanks to her partner, Katie believes there is always a choice and always another solution. Instead of giving in to her fear, she actively chooses to embrace her fear as a protective part of herself allowing her the freedom to make new choices even if it’s just the simplest decision to keep moving when you want to stop.

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