Meet Des Moines Cast Member Kate Allender

We're so excited to introduce you to our Des Moines, Iowa cast of storytellers! The show is on Friday, March 31st at the Temple Theater in Des Moines. Tickets are on sale now! Let's get to know Des Moines storyteller, Kate Allender.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Kate Allender and I'm 20 years old.   I have an immense interest in art and teaching people new things.  I live in Ankeny, Iowa, next to Saylorville Lake. I live in a happy home with my parents Bob and Annette, along with my pets Suki the dog, Cozzette the cat, Bubba the tortoise, and Ernest Hemingway the hedgehog.

How has mental illness affected your life?

I was recently diagnosed in November of 2016 with depression, bipolar, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder.  It's been quite an adventure for me the last few months.  I auditioned for This is My Brave because I feel like I have an important story to share, and I've had a lot of interesting experiences.

Why did you want to be a a part of This Is My Brave?

I hope to contribute to the mental health awareness community by helping end the stigma surrounding Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Depression, and Borderline Personality Disorder and how they come to be recognized.

I aspire to be a well known artist in the Des Moines art community.  I plan on doing so through telling my story via art by making paintings and illustrations of what I feel mental illness is for me.

The show is less than 3 weeks away! We can't wait for you to hear Kate and her cast mates share their powerful stories.

Get your tickets now before they sell out!  Hope to see you at the show.