Meet Kat Katz from This Is My Brave Arlington


Kat Katz is a poet, vocalist, and artist from Northern Virginia. She has been singing in heavy metal bands for over 18 years. Her previous band, Salome, toured across the U.S. and released multiple EPs and albums from 2006-2011. Salome’s 2010 full length, Terminal, received positive reviews from NPR, The New York Times, and the Financial Times. Kat joined Agoraphobic Nosebleed, headed by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer, in 2007. Agoraphobic Nosebleed has released numerous albums and splits; their most recent release, Arc, was praised by Vice and NPR. Arc characterizes Kat’s experience of providing hospice care to her mother who had schizophrenia and anosognosia and was noncompliant with treatment since Kat was a child.

Kat lives with OCD, body dysmorphic disorder, depression, PTSD, and other anxiety disorders. She copes through music, art, writing, yoga, and helping others… And going to therapy and taking meds doesn’t hurt. She currently works as a rehabilitation counselor for people who were chronically homeless and live with severe mental illness.

Kat is participating in This Is My Brave because she believes it is essential to talk about mental illness shamelessly. Kat did not seek treatment for her conditions until 2014 when most of her coping skills went to shit. Now she wishes she had started medication and therapy a lot earlier.

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