Meet Karen from This Is My Brave Arlington!


Karen Kaiser, of Silver Spring, MD, has been tirelessly working as a mental health advocate since 2009. She is a writer, blogger and mental health advocate. She works to educate marginalized communities about the realities of mental health, mental illness, ableism and stigma. Her goal is to help those living with mental illness receive the support and care they need and live the life they desire.

Karen began her role as an online advocate after receiving her own diagnoses of ADHD, bipolar 1 disorder, social anxiety, and PTSD. She then translated her work offline, where she worked with parents and teens, educating them on the realities of life with mental health issues, across the spectrum.

Currently, she is a counselor with Crisis Text Line and an author, whose work can be seen in the blog archives of Stigma Fighters, The Mighty, and Life in My Days.

Karen is a mother of three beautiful children, who are her inspiration to live her best life and consistently strive for wellness. She hopes to make a difference in the for those living with mental illness, and to be a positive role model for others.

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