Meet Baltimore Cast Member Jonathan Gibbs!

Jonathan (Jmoney) Gibbs enjoys music. He believes that music is an emotion and that he
can help heal people dealing with mental health disorders and struggles through positive
vibrations. Jmoney is a acronym meaning Just Mindful Outstanding Nice Empathetic and
Youthful.  If you know JmoneyGibbs You know that he is all of those things.

Jonathan Gibbs.jpg

Jonathan (Jmoney) Gibbs  has the desire to provide significant organizational skills and
strategies for the youth and families. I am DC native accustomed to working in a fast pace
environment and further the goals of the city youth and families in a professional and
complete manner. I have worked with all age groups from elementary to high school and
college bound students. I currently work with Families to end chronic homelessness. I have
most recently become a certified peer specialist, I am certified in Advanced Youth
Development and Youth Mental Health First Aid. I have 9 Years of experience dealing with
education and  working with people in the mental health field. Jonathan is a person who seeks
common ground and always searches for ways to better any team he works with as well as
better himself. I want to contribute to the success of this is my Brave show by demonstrating
positive strategies that I have learned through song and lived experience.

Social media handles:
1. Facebook- JmoneyGibbs
2. Twitter- JmoneyGibbs
3. Instagram-JmoneyGibbs
4. Snapchat - JmoneyGibbs

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