Introducing Joelle Marie Nourse from This Is My Brave LA

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I wanted to be a part of This is My Brave because I have found that sharing my experiences in other ways has truly been helpful for those I’ve met and for myself. As a Peer Specialist, I share my experiences in the mental health system in order to provide support to others. This has been
incredibly powerful in allowing me to learn about how to communicate, cope better with stress, and confidently challenge stigma- as well as understand how to seek and give support.

My piece, “Sorting.”, is about exploring self-identification as someone who has been diagnosed with bipolar, autism and OCD- a subject I feel is essential in recovery.

I have gone through a long journey of self-acceptance. I truly hope that talking about these things will help others gain some perspective- whether they have friends or loved ones whom share these issues or if they themselves have similar experiences and aren’t quite sure where to start.

The best thing I have ever done to aid my recover and develop my own resilience and sense of self- worth has been to talk to people and share my challenges with others. I was diagnosed with
depression at age 9. I’m 35 and just recently got to the place I think I need to be. I’ve been able to find my voice and I’m so glad to share it through This is My Brave.

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