Meet Joe Fusaro, This Is My Brave Alum and Brave Champion!

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After my show in 2015, I wanted to help. I wanted to do more. I wanted to have more shows in New York. I thought, how can I help in the meantime?

And then I received the email to become a Brave Champion, and I thought, “Perfect. I can afford $10 a month.” It’s about 33 cents a day to help an organization that helped me so much, and I feel like $10 a month isn’t even enough to pay them back.

But you’d be surprised, because one of the questions we get all the time is, “Is there any donation too small?”

And the answer is always: no donation is too small. Every dollar makes a difference. Become a Brave Champion for as little as $10 a month if you believe in using music and writing to help people in their recovery from a mental health condition.

I hope you’ll join us, and I hope to see you at a show!

~Joe Fusaro

Brave Champion and Storyteller, This Is My Brave The Show – New York City, 2015


Ready to become a Brave Champion and help end stigma today?

Give a gift that empowers and gives a voice to those in recovery from mental illness.

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