Meet Jimmy Camp

Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm fifty one years old and live in Southern California with my wife, Author Samantha Dunn and our six year old son Benen. I'm a political consultant/musician and now a writer thanks to Amy Ferris.


Q2: When were you first open about your depression (anxiety, suicide attempt, etc)?


My story is a little different. Amy Ferris and my wife Samantha have been friends for several years and a couple of years ago while traveling back east we spent the evening with Amy and Ken at their home in Pennsylvania. After much conversation and story telling and bottles of wine, Amy and I just fell in love. When Amy was putting this anthology together she contacted me and thought maybe I had something deep inside I could contribute. This was my very first attempt at writing literature for public consumption. I wrote of a time in my late teens and a pattern of living a life with no value for life whatsoever. There was never a literal attempt at suicide, but a lifestyle of risk and behavior and not caring if I lived.


Q3: How has your writing helped your recovery?


It's allowed me to really look at how I once lived and dig down and try and answer the big question Why?


Q4: What do you hope readers of Shades of Blue learn from reading the essays contained in the book?


First off, this book is for anyone, depressed or not. These are great stories and great writing. Second I hope that people walk away realizing that either they aren't alone in these feelings or that it's ok to feel this way. We aren't sick people. We're neighbors, teachers, friends, family and maybe even you.

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