Meet LA Cast Member Jim Whitener!

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Struggle and hardship are two things that I have been familiar with and worked to overcome. After many years of going through the alcoholic death walk I was diagnosed with cancer. Struggling with the physical pain of chemotherapy, the sickness, nausea, and emptiness brought me to a dark place in my life. One where the only way out I could find was suicide.

Instead of dying I was given a new chance at life. I found a path to recovery and hope through my renewed sense of purpose in pointing people to the source of universal hope. The most important lesson I have learned is that the source of universal hope loves all of us very deeply. I hope to spread this message to those that are suffering and bring a sense of peace to all those around me.

My work with SHARE! Culver City and the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health taught me that my life is valuable. I now work to spread awareness and education on recovery from mental illness as well as suicide prevention education. I am excited to be part of This Is My Brave and the work the show is doing to help others overcome the stigma of talking about mental health. I hope to advocate for the acceptance of those of us with mental challenges. I give my story to encourage all my peers to live graciously with life because you are more than a diagnosis. We are an awesome part of the source of universal hope.

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