Meet LA Cast Member Jill White

My name is Jill White and This Is My Brave. I live with the challenge of mental

health issues, alcohol and drug abuse. I was born this way: taller than others, short

Jill White.jpg

hair and a dysfunctional family. The stigma attached to these characteristics caused me to have low self-esteem,

depression, anxiety, ADD, alcoholism, drug abuse, compulsion and a chronic

personality disorder. Through it all though I do have a success story to tell because

I am an active member of self-help groups where I mix and mingle with my peers.

I learn and utilize the art of recovery from this make believe stigma on a daily basis.

I am now a master of my emotions and behavioral patterns, they do not master me.

I want to share with you how I do it so that I, we, are no longer an unknown or

uncontrollable nuisance to you or ourselves. I have and am continually learning

daily how to live with a sound peace of mind, body and soul. This Is My Brave. Bravery is a tool I, we use as a tool for recovery.

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