Meet Baltimore cast member Jada Carrington!

Our Baltimore show produced by Our Door, is only two days away! Do you have your tickets yet? We are proud to introduce you to cast member Jada Carrington!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jada Carrington, I’m 20 years old, friendly, outgoing, generous, loving, caring, and I often stay calm and “go with the flow” of things. I love my family and friends and want to make them all proud. I currently go to University of Maryland Baltimore County and my major is Psychology. My hobbies are writing and performing poetry and baking. I am a devoted Christian and I participate in many church activities with the youth of my church. I have my own community group called the Gospel Gang that goes around Baltimore doing mission work. I have a passion for mental health and I am a youth mental health advocate. With that I have created a motivational Instagram account called Lifewithnoend that posts positive quotes throughout the day to encourage anyone who needs it. I am also currently developing a blog site and campaign for mental health.

How has mental illness affected your life?

While I have not been diagnosed with a mental illness, in high school I encountered mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety and self- harm. It was during that time that I discovered what mental health was all about and what is even more interesting is it made me aware of the mental health issues and illnesses in the people around me.

What I found out is that many of the people in my school that I often associated with had a mental illness and just were afraid to speak out about it. All of these things have made my own issues more transparent. Because I still struggle more frequently with things like being depressed and having anxiety I have decided to get help and do what is needed to take care of my mental health.

Why did you want to be a part of This Is My Brave?

I wanted to be a part of This Is My Brave because it gave me the opportunity to use both of my passions of poetry and mental health at the same time. It is always a blessing when I get to use my voice and my talents to make a difference. 

What inspires you to stay mentally healthy?

My family, my friends and all of the people who are struggling with a mental illness makes me stay mentally healthy. When I am not doing my best, others around me are also affected and so I think I owe it to them and myself to take care of my mental health. 

What do you hope the audience takes away from the show?

I hope the audience leaves the show more open minded and empathetic to people that suffer from a mental illness. I hope that the audience learns something that they may not have learned before and then take that knowledge to educate someone else. I hope that the audience gets inspired want to make a change.


Tickets are now on sale for our Baltimore show on December 7th at Towson University, produced by Our Door! Hope to see you there!