Meet Hollye Dexter

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hollye: I'm a mom, an author, and an activist working to end gun violence in America. Creativity was my way out of depression, so I am intensely creative. I sing, paint, and write my stories, and try to turn grief into something of beauty. I have no sense of direction and am terrible at math. I believe that love wins. Always.

Q2: When were you first open about your depression (anxiety, suicide attempt, etc)?

Hollye: Not until I wrote about it in my first book, and then started sharing it little by little with others. I was in my early 40s before I shed that shame.

Q3: How has your writing helped your recovery?

Hollye: Immensely. There is an alchemy that occurs when you let go of a secret. Secrets and shame, like mold, thrive in darkness, but can not survive when exposed to light. I no longer fear what anyone thinks of me. I no longer feel alone in having this faultline in my spirit. I now can see it for the human experience that it is, and know that it does not define me.

Q4: What do you hope readers of Shades of Blue learn from reading the essays contained in the book?

Hollye: I hope they find courage. I hope they know that they are not alone. I hope they feel inspired to share their own stories, whether they write, paint, act, speak, dance...Every human on this planet has a unique story. The world needs them, and the world needs their story.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Depressed Cake Shop to host an evening of storytelling and cake on November 19th - celebrating the launch of Shades of Blue! Tickets on sale now!

{continue to follow along on the blog to meet the writers from the book who will be performing in the show}