Meet our Elkins Park, PA Production Team!

Judah Rosenstein

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Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, Judah left in 1985 for the bright lights of New
York City (college, actually). After 18 years of higher education, odd jobs and trying to save
the world through the practice of law, Judah looked at his reflection in the mirror one day
and said, “You get one shot at life… and I’m blowing it!” One month later, in May 2003, he
moved back to Pennsylvania and into his parent’s house in Elkins Park, in order to push
“reset” and find a path with more meaning and positive impact in life.

During his time in New York, Judah had discovered an affinity for performing stand-up comedy and writing poetry, hobbies which continue to this day. More importantly, he
developed a deep desire to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness (a desire which, coincidentally, has resulted in some semi-humorous stand-up comedy, and more than a few very angry poems). The move back to this area also led to the establishment of a new life, one filled with blessings, the occasional bad mental health day, and lots of love for his wife/ Co-Producer Nancy, his eight-year-old son, and their three cats.

Many times, Judah will use rock-n-roll lyrics to sum up his feelings, but none more
frequently than this; “I thank you, Lord, for thinkin’ about me; I’m alive and doing fine.”
(“Signs” by the Five Man Electrical Band)

Nancy Rosenstein

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Living with mental illness and physical comorbidities since childhood, Nancy realized early that her life would be different from others around her. She grew up in San Antonio, Texas and moved to New Jersey at the age of 7. At age 10, Nancy became very active in both school and local theater, performed and taught children in local community theater, and wrote heartfelt and revealing essays and poetry to work through her emotions. It was after college that Nancy realized her illnesses actually amplified a calling to help others struggling with their own emotional and physical pain.

During her career, Nancy has worked in community mental health facilities, as well as a
telephonic counseling center for a Fortune 15 company. She led programs related to Mental
Health Parity and Health Care Reform, and ran projects for private exchanges under
Obamacare, as well as creating new business processes for Implementation teams. Nancy
has trained others on benefits, parity, health care reform and project management
technology. Due to debilitating physical illnesses which exasperated her mental challenges,
Nancy left her Director position of 14 years in 2016 and is currently receiving full-time

Although Nancy has spent over 20 years in talk therapy and trying various medications, she
now understands that a combination of Eastern and Western therapies is more successful
in helping fortify her body, mind and spirit. She has combined her long-time practice of
meditation with yoga, in-depth study of mindfulness, exploration of acupuncture, somatic
therapy and networking with holistic practitioners. Nancy is a PA LPC (licensed practicing
counselor), certified as a Holistic Mental Health Therapist, and PMP (Project Management
Professional), and has obtained her MBA with a focus on the benefits of emotional
intelligence in the workforce.

Jennylynn Adleta

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A native Jersey girl with a heart for all things Texas, Jennylynn Adleta currently resides in Chester County Pennsylvania with her husband of 10 years and two incredible stepchildren ages 15 and 16. Graduating from The University of Valley Forge with degrees in Christian Education and Counseling, Jennylynn passionately went on to served students in Higher Education as a Resident Director at several colleges and universities for nearly 7 years while pursuing her MA degree in Counseling in Higher Education.

 In her role as a Resident Director, a traumatic event brought on PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues eventually leading to multiple mental health diagnosis and several hospitalizations for stabilization and treatment. Jennylynn believes that understanding your own limitations, healthy boundaries and recognizing when you need to ask for help is truly one of our greatest strengths.

 A creative spirit who also loves photography and the theater, Jennylynn also finds great joy in encouraging and mentoring stepmothers, women and teens from all over the world who face multiple health challenges. Jennylynn helps lead and oversee several online support groups to encourage women and young adults as a mental health advocate and mentor.

 Battling autoimmune issues, chronic pain, migraines and a bleeding disorder for 9+ years, along with the stigma of mental health issues, has left Jennylynn with a completely new empathetic outlook on life. She is encouraged by the words of author Rachel Hollis ‘Only YOU have the power to change your LIFE!’ Choosing a great attitude and making wise choices for YOU has the ability to completely change your world no matter what your circumstances or diagnosis... physical or mental.

 Throughout her journey, Jennylynn is constantly searching to bring others the same freedom and peace she has found living life with intention, and purpose despite the challenges and limitations of her past and present.  She refuses to waste the message of her story.