Meet Dionne Mobley from This Is My Brave NYC!

My name is Dionne Mobley and I was born and reared in Brooklyn, New York.  I am the youngest of five girls and also have my mom, two brothers-in-law, two nieces and three nephews.  

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 My faith in God is a very important part of my life as well as spending quality time with my loved ones.

I love to thrift shop, purchasing great finds on a dime and I also love to cook and bake and can often be found in the kitchen, cooking or baking something for the people I care about. 

 Mental illness has affected my life in an enormous way.  I used to allow my diagnosis to define me and I did not feel worthy.  In the past, I did not believe that I would ever be able to accomplish any desired goals.   That is all behind me now.  I have many hopes and dreams, have accomplished quite a lot and have new aspirations.

 I wanted to be a part of This Is My Brave because I wanted to put a face to mental illness and let others know that mental illness does not discriminate.   I also want the community at large to realize, if they do not already, that persons who live with a mental health diagnosis are deserving of dignity, respect and love.

 The thing that inspires me to maintain my mental fitness is my deep desire to be actively engaged in life and the world around me.  I do not want to be on the outskirts or sidelines of life but rather, a key player on the field!

My hope for the audience of our This Is My Brave show is that they leave being truly inspired, encouraged and appreciating that one's positive perspective is paramount on this journey of life.


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