Meet our Denver Producer, Kat Atwell!

 This Is My Brave Denver Producer, Kat Atwell

This Is My Brave Denver Producer, Kat Atwell

I am not alone. It's so great to know this.

Our stories bring us together. Our stories are shared so that others can gather courage to ask for help. We become powerful.

Denver is full of storytellers - musicians, actors, poets, comedians - and we are so very fortunate to have a vast and supportive artistic community. I want to harness the magic of our city and create something really amazing through This Is My Brave.



I'm an improv comedian, a NAMI volunteer, and an Ignite Denver team member. I'm a mom, a writer, and a believer in miracles. I also have a ridiculously loud laugh, not that it has anything to do with anything. When I stumbled across This Is My Brave late last year, I realized that the show essentially brought together all of my favorite things. I sort of had to do it. 

So, I took the leap. Producing This Is My Brave IS my brave. It's scary and I'm afraid I'm going to mess it up, but let's be honest: It's going to be amazing. And the reason why it's going to be amazing is because Denver is incredible, our people are brilliant, and none of us are alone. Help me make this show as insanely successful as I know it can be by auditioning, by volunteering to help in other ways, or by attending the show and starting a conversation. 

We want to hear your BRAVE! If you have a story to share about overcoming mental illness - sign up for one of our audition dates:

Day 1 - Saturday, March 12 - 11am-3pm - Backstage at Beryl's 3120 Blake Street, Denver, CO

Day 2 - Sunday, March 13 - 11am-3pm - Backstage at Beryl's 3120 Blake Street, Denver, CO

To audition for our Denver show on either day, please CLICK HERE to schedule your audition.

Important dates for chosen cast members:

  • Saturday, April 2nd - Cast Welcome Party!
  • TBD - Rehearsal
  • Thursday, May 19th - Showtime! at the Oriental Theater, Denver, CO 

Please check out our past performances on our YouTube channel, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kat via email: